Monday, December 13

DIY - re-upholstered office chair (CT - first house)

I redecorated and painted my home office again and this time I am pretty happy with the results.  I went with gray walls and white panel curtains, large black vision board with white ribbon and other B&W elements, so the room looks clean and uncluttered. I still wanted a statement piece though, a bold chair to add a little "umph" to the space.....

So I browsed Craiglist and found this pink and blue armchair.

Here it is in my home in the "before" stage- that room in the background, that's my home office .

Blue and pink were not the statement I was hoping to make, but, I love the lines & shape of the chair and it's the perfect height for my desk and for $25 I was sold! It was listed for $35 but I negotiated $10 off :)

My sis & I went picked up the chair & then I headed to Joanne's Fabrics.

@ Joanne's I found zebra print reupholstering fabric for $11, a can of black glossy spray paint for $3 and nail heads for $4.  Here are some pics of the reupholstering project "during"

and here is the after!

All done! For under $45, I am happy. 

Here is a version from for over $147.99 (on sale)

That's why I love DIY!  WDYT about my chair?

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