Monday, December 12

This weekend: DIY Subway Art

I love canvas subway art...the modern look of it, the fact that it's black and white and works with almost any color scheme.  I am not sure when it became such a must have item but if you google canvas subway art, you will turn up with a lot of links.  So, I am sure you have seen canvas art somewhere recently.

Z Gallerie has this one on sale right now for $199, normally $249 and Etsy has them for sale too, for around the same price, this one is $189.  Restoration Hardware has this one for $850!

A couple weekends ago as I was looking around online for a deal on one better than those 3 above  found a link to make my own DIY subway art.  The steps were fairly easy and since I already had canvas, it would cost me under $12!  Here is what I did:

We had these outdated canvas picture hangings in the basement storage area so there was no reason for my to buy new canvas.  But if you dont have ugly canvas sitting around to re-purpose, you can pick some up at Michael's arts and crafts(or any art store) for under $15 (depending on the size).

Since I wanted a wider sign, I decided to attach the two using a staple gun.  Together they  measure 24 x 36. 

Then using  Adobe PDF I designed my sign.  I decided to make my sign about Atlanta (my new hometown).  You can do anything really though...a quote, places you like to visit, vacation spots, sports, wine, music etc.

  1. Open a new document page and type out your words.  Play around with fonts and spacing until you get a design you like.  I ended up using the font Symphony Black in font sizes 48 & 28.  And I changed my background color to black (important to do otherwise, will charge you for a color copy as oppossed to B&W)
2.   Upload your document to

Make sure you indicate the size you want your sign printed and that it is a poster print and that you want it in black and white. No mounting. No lamination. Just a plain poster print.  It will cost you $4.50.

3.   Once you pick up your poster, apply the Mod Podge (get the matte Mod Podge) to the front of the entire canvas. I picked my Mod Podge up from Michael's for $6.85 and two foam paint brushes for 49 cents a piece.

It should look like this.

5.  Very carefully lay your poster over the canvas and smooth it out as much as you can.  I used a wooden school ruler to help smooth my poster out. 

6.  After drying for about 30 minutes, apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the poster.

There will be some wrinkling in the paper but once it dries it will get a little better.

That's just my blog photo watermark - its not part of the actual subway art

After drying for another 30 or so minutes your done!  

We hung ours in the basement family room above the pub table.

Overall, I am very happy with it, I think it looks just as good as the versions you can find in your local home decor stores.  Plus, it costs way less to DIY and it took me less than 2 hours to put it all together.   On a scale of 1-10, 1 being easy and 10 being hard, this would be a 3.  The trickiest part was getting the poster exact when laying it on the canvas.  You may want to ask Fedex to print it an inch or so more than your measurements so that you have room to play around with it.  Then just trim the excess once applied.

What do you think?

Tuesday, December 6

Updated Basement pics!

The basement is probably the most comfortable/most used space in the has multiple uses....sitting room, gym, office, playroom, movie room and storage...

At the bottom of the stairs there is an office space to your right and this little hallway area.  The bookcase is the EXPEDIT unit from IKEA and the subway art was a DIY project that I did.  I also did a larger one in the movie room area that you see in the background.

So walking through the hall area is this large space that we filled with a large VERY comfortable sectional and massive ottoman.

The art above the pub table was a DIY project that I am really happy with (details here).  I made a smaller one that we hung in the hallway area at the bottom of the basement steps.  I have been thinking about adding floating shelves above the wine fridge as well, we will see.

Through the double doors of this room is our home gym

On the opposite side of the basement or behind the wall where the hallway area is located is another room.  Its a long narrow space that we divided into 2 areas - play space and a smaller sitting area/den.  I painted the 12.5" wide stripes on the wall in about 4 hours.  I really like how it transformed a rather boring room into something a little more fun!

Behind this area is the play space - this is a really bad picture!

and that's it.  I still want to add some wall art to the den and a few pillows to the couches for a little color - when I do I will add new pics!

Friday, December 2

Console table

I had been looking for a console table for our entry (original post here) and couldnt really find anything that was narrow enough and in the style & color I wanted.  But on cyber Monday I found the perfect little console table from's antique black and has angled legs, almost ladderish looking....

Set with holiday decor

Before: storage cubes have been changed as well as the pictures on the wall

This is the current look.  Storage cubes from Pier 1 and accessories from a little bit of everywhere.

Wednesday, November 30

Photo collage

Upstairs and down the hall from us are the twins bedrooms.  I had been trying to think of a way to dress up that wall since we moved in.  It's the first wall you see when going downstairs and it can also be seen if your in the entry looking up to the second floor.....So I finally decided on doing a collage of black and white photos, all in different sized black frames with white matting.  Only the entire wall is a place to hang pics of the twins. No random art hangings or shelves with vases and knick knacks (save that for my office) all the pictures are of them, I even added the characature drawings they had for a little whimsy...

The small space beneath the largest frame on the right isnt done just yet.  I plan to hang 2 wood letters an "M" and a "B", their first name initials right beneath that to finish up the collage.  I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I am sure at some point we will expand the collage but I decided to start small :)

                                                  This is the view looking up from the front entry

Wednesday, November 16


For a console table for this space!  I cant find one anywhere - I've been to Home Goods, Target and the dot com version, Marshall's, all over the internet and haven't been able to find anything our style and reasonably priced.  Ideas??  My plan is to put it under the mirror, where those 2 storage cubes are sitting.

Console table will go on the wall to the right of this picture.

Sunday, September 25

Kitchen (GA - second house)

The kitchen is still a work in progress - here are a couple pics of what it looks like so far:

Before w/temporary fridge


Granite counter tops and back-splash

Cooking area

The colors in the kitchen are kind of boring...thinking of ways to add color - I have been having a hard time finding tailored valances - the ruffle style isn't my taste.

Eating area....still need an area rug to go under the table and cornices for the windows

Decorative basket and wicker balls - I love the texture this adds

Friday, September 23

Wicker basket make-over

I've been looking for items to add to our built-ins in the family room.  Yesterday I was organizing things in the cabinets and had an idea to re-do a pair of brown/green and red baskets that I had stuck in there. The baskets were only being used to store wires and extension cords - not to be seen.....anyway, back to the story.....I had some leftover silver spray paint (I spray painted a mirror - will post those pics later) and decided to try it out on the baskets:



I think they came out pretty good and go well with the decor we are planning for the family room and I am still using them for storing extension cords only now I don's have to hide them :O)

Wednesday, September 21

Home Office (GA - second house)

When you come in through the front door to the right is a formal living.  Since I work from home, I decided to use the space as my home office instead.

                           What the room looked like the first couple days after moving in

Room breakdown: 
Iron Ballerina - Pier 1 Imports
Rug - Home Goods
Curtains - JC Penney
Curtain rods - IKEA
Floating wall shelves - IKEA
Side chairs - Raymour and Flannigan
Picture on wall - Bombay Company
Boxes on desk - IKEA & Marshalls
Lamp base - Bombay Company
Drum lampshade - Homegoods
Desk - furniture store in Atlanta (forgot the name!)
Bookcase - IKEA (EXPEDIT Collection)

Update (Nov 2011)

I definately need to get storage cubes for the cubbies

Here is a pic of the right side of the office at night...

                                                            My view from sitting at my desk...

                                                  My view from sitting in the chairs above:

Sunday, September 18

Master Bathroom (GA - second house)

Here are a couple pics of our master bath.  I only needed to do a couple things in here so I purchased a couple apothecary jars from TJ Maxx and Home Goods and filled them with bathroom items: Dove soap, cotton balls and in the center I added a few decorative wicker balls.



I found the rug at Pier 1 Imports - its the perfect length and it was on sale from $70 to $35!  Its a sisal rug with the brown overlay which makes it nice and soft on bare feet.

Other side of the bathroom has a soaking tub and walk in shower.

Sunburst mirror that used to be black.  I spray painted it caramel latte, black was too stark for the neutral colors in here.

The pretty stained glass window over the bathtub

The water closet aka room where the toilet is.  

Wednesday, September 14

Home Goods Find!

Moving has a tendency to make you want to buy new and nicer things for your new house.  I decided that I needed a larger desk with more work space and a nice stylish chair to go behind it.  Being in a new state with new stores and shopping centers I decided to go out last weekend and browse for pretty much anything that grabbed my attention....and I found this baby at Home Goods! I LOVE Home Goods :) 

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