Sunday, April 10

Spring Cleaning! (CT - First House)

It's finally starting to feel like Spring in CT and that means sitting outside in my yard drinking wine and or sitting outside blogging :)

But you can see my 3 year old wood patio set is looking a little dry, dirty, sun damaged etc....

It was a rough winter here in the northeast and my patio set really took a beating.  Being lazy, I forgot to cover it - so it was covered in 3 feet of snow and ice most of the winter

See how the finish is peeling away?  Well being the project loving girl that I am, I decided to try to save my old patio set and headed down to The Home Depot for some advice and was told to clean the set with this solution

All you do is mix the solution with hot water and then use a scrub brush to scrub away the peeling finish and clean up the mildew stains (among other things).....after a little scrubbing the table looked like this

Ashy and dry.  The solution really striped the finish off and cleaned up the mildew stains.

As of now, all 4 chairs, the table and bench have been striped and scrubbed. 
 I left them out to air for 24 hours before applying the new stain with weathershield. 
So tonight, I decided to restain 1 chair and it now looks like this!

I'm happy with the results!  Considering it used to look like this:

I'm hoping to finish the remaining 3 chairs and table this weekend.  

Next project:  Lawn work.

Tuesday, April 5

Peek into my bedroom (CT - first house)

I really LOVE my Capiz Pendant Chandeleir.  It makes the room look rich and romantic.  I ordered the one in my bedroom from; if you're interested you can see find the same pendant here.  I picked up a kit to make it hardwired so that it works from a switch, but it's sold as a pendant that you can hang from a simple hook and plug in.  WM also sells a hardwire conversion kit by the way.  I chose the golden color but they also have cream colored shells. 

Below the chandeleir is my very cozy king size bed with leather upholstered headboard and footboard.  I picked up the prints at Marshalls.  I love B&W pictures with white matting and black frames...classic and clean.  The images are nature shots. The paint color looks gray in these pics, its really more of a soft blue.

I should have ironed the pillowcases....The blue rufflle pillow comes from Pier 1 Imports.

Table lamp comes from Home Goods.  Vase, I dont remember but the pussywillows inside come from Pier 1 Imports.

I have two of these tall dressers in two corners of my bedroom.  Instead of tall candles on the candlesticks, I put wicker decorative balls and round silver balls candles on top. 

Looking out from the dressing room

Sunday, April 3

Fireplace surround re-do (CT house, first house)

When we bought this house, I knew that I was going to change the fireplace surround sooner than later.  I like the white mantle but the white painted brick and Terra-cotta tile just is not my taste.

So about a year into living in this house I had the fireplace surround are some before and after pics...BIG difference!

This is the original brick that was painted white and the ugly terra cotta tiles .... mantle isnt bad but it doesnt stand out.

Here is a closer look

Close up of the ugly tile

                                 AFTER (the wall the fireplace stand away from the other wall itself a couple inches, so I painted it dark gray to make it the focal wall)

We also switched out the light fixtures - Found these at Lowe's

During all the chaos!
 The tile (mosaic tumbled marble) goes around the face of the fireplace and on the bottom floor.  I chose dark gray paint to pick up the dark gray in the tile. 

Here you can see the painted sides - I also decided to paint the rear facing wall in the same dark gray paint.  Mirror from Home Goods.

After - Much more my taste!

The tiles are from Home Depot.  They are mosaic tumbled marble and cost about $10/sheet.  The tiles themselves are 2x2 and come in sheets of size 10x10 (i'm pretty sure that's the size).

Threw in a shot of my very heavy iron ballerina :)  She's set up in the corner behind the couch as you enter the office.  She comes from Pier 1 Imports.
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