Sunday, April 3

Fireplace surround re-do (CT house, first house)

When we bought this house, I knew that I was going to change the fireplace surround sooner than later.  I like the white mantle but the white painted brick and Terra-cotta tile just is not my taste.

So about a year into living in this house I had the fireplace surround are some before and after pics...BIG difference!

This is the original brick that was painted white and the ugly terra cotta tiles .... mantle isnt bad but it doesnt stand out.

Here is a closer look

Close up of the ugly tile

                                 AFTER (the wall the fireplace stand away from the other wall itself a couple inches, so I painted it dark gray to make it the focal wall)

We also switched out the light fixtures - Found these at Lowe's

During all the chaos!
 The tile (mosaic tumbled marble) goes around the face of the fireplace and on the bottom floor.  I chose dark gray paint to pick up the dark gray in the tile. 

Here you can see the painted sides - I also decided to paint the rear facing wall in the same dark gray paint.  Mirror from Home Goods.

After - Much more my taste!

The tiles are from Home Depot.  They are mosaic tumbled marble and cost about $10/sheet.  The tiles themselves are 2x2 and come in sheets of size 10x10 (i'm pretty sure that's the size).

Threw in a shot of my very heavy iron ballerina :)  She's set up in the corner behind the couch as you enter the office.  She comes from Pier 1 Imports.

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