Tuesday, December 6

Updated Basement pics!

The basement is probably the most comfortable/most used space in the house....it has multiple uses....sitting room, gym, office, playroom, movie room and storage...

At the bottom of the stairs there is an office space to your right and this little hallway area.  The bookcase is the EXPEDIT unit from IKEA and the subway art was a DIY project that I did.  I also did a larger one in the movie room area that you see in the background.

So walking through the hall area is this large space that we filled with a large VERY comfortable sectional and massive ottoman.

The art above the pub table was a DIY project that I am really happy with (details here).  I made a smaller one that we hung in the hallway area at the bottom of the basement steps.  I have been thinking about adding floating shelves above the wine fridge as well, we will see.

Through the double doors of this room is our home gym

On the opposite side of the basement or behind the wall where the hallway area is located is another room.  Its a long narrow space that we divided into 2 areas - play space and a smaller sitting area/den.  I painted the 12.5" wide stripes on the wall in about 4 hours.  I really like how it transformed a rather boring room into something a little more fun!

Behind this area is the play space - this is a really bad picture!

and that's it.  I still want to add some wall art to the den and a few pillows to the couches for a little color - when I do I will add new pics!

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