Saturday, December 29

West Elm's Boerum Bench

A couple days after Christmas I headed out to do a few returns and exchanges and while out, I passed a West Elm store and decided to peak in to check out their new Spring line.  Right away I spotted something that really caught my eye.  

I snapped a few cell phone pics and sent them to my husband with the message "This is perfect, what do you think?"  His reply "How much?", nothing else, no, "yea I like it", or "what are the measurements",  just "How Much?"  as that is usually his question, so I called him to tell him about how perfect it was and after a few minutes, I hung up, left the store and about an hour later we were back.  We paid, packed up the truck & headed home.

Coming into our house from the garage you come into this hallway which opens up to the Living Room.  I decided to first find artwork for the wall and was lucky enough to find the Ballard Design Sacha Mirror @ Home Goods for a steal! (click here for that post) but the space was still lacking something. It needed a bench.  Perfect for additional seating when we have friends over and a good spot to put on little shoes before she heads out the door to school.

Here is the before

 here is after with our new Boerum Bench from West Elm

Here is the view from the opposite side of the hall coming in from the foyer.  At 58" long, its the perfect length for this long wall.  I decorated one side with 2 lanterns and threw on 2 pillows that I stole from our couch, until I find other pillows.  I am thinking about incorporating yellow into the room so I will be on the lookout for yellow pillows. But for now you get the idea.

I am really happy with it.  Its pretty heavy.  Made of solid Mango wood so it feels nice and sturdy when you sit on it.  The bench comes in two colors, Cafe - a warm stained brown and Natural - the color we picked.    Its sold at West Elm as a Dining Bench, but as you can see it works as a bench in any area!  Here is the bench with more info on the West Elm site.  My mom thinks we should add a bench cushion to the top of the bench, to make it more cozy and soft, but I don't know I kinda like it without a bench cushion, we will see.

Monday, December 3

Christmas touches {round 4}

This weekend was the main event for my 4 year old little Ms. Show Off.  We put up the tree an decorated it with fun colors of pink, purple, blue, green and red.  I didnt want the traditional silver, gold, red or green look this year so we decided to puch it up a bit with some color.

My daughter loved it!  So much in fact that as the Christmas music was playing she decided she wanted to dance.  Twirl to be exact.  And she wanted to wear a skirt.  The tree skirt.

There she is wearing the tree skirt - fits her perfectly.

In the end, we she finished decorating the bottom half of the tree and for the most part it looks good.  Although the ornaments at the bottom half of the tree are a little crowded and not uniformly spread out....thats ok though, I will fix it later.  But I did tell her how beautiful a job she did.  She was so proud!  For now here is a little sneak peak of the top of the tree so that you can see what colors we used.  I  snapped the pic so that you can see the MINIMAL decorating I did to the table in our dining room.  One ornament on top of each little topiary.  So Easy - hahaha.  I figured its ok since the buffet in there is all "decked" out - click here to see it.

Sunday, December 2

Christmas touches {round 3}

I'm back with another small update on how we (or maybe its just me) are decorating the house with little touches of Christmas here and there.  I am not one one for huge displays or a entire room decked out of Christmas decor....I like just a few touches here and there.

While at Target for no real reason at all, I spotted a set of pretty colored mini ornament balls in the dollar spot.  8 for $1? Sure!  I will take 3 tubes!

I thought I would use them on the Christmas tree but decided to put them in the kitchen instead.  Yes, the kitchen.  In a bowl. On the table.  But not in a bowl like that.  Like this.

Bowl - o - ornaments

Cute and simple huh?  In the kitchen eating area, I usually have this footed silver bowl filled with fake limes...


But, its the holidays, why not add some Christmas-y sparkle and flair in the kitchen.  I quite like this look..


So now when I walk into the kitchen, my eye is drawn to that shiny bowl of colored ornaments...soooo Christmas-y! and easy (my motto this season)

Friday, November 30

Christmas touches {round 2}

I'm back at it!  Adding little decorative Christmas touches to the house.  This is really the only other holiday that I decorate the house for (if you count pumpkins on the porch for Halloween as "decorating the house").  This year I decided to just do things little by little, here and there when, whenever the mood strikes me.  Some things I take pics of, others may not be so worthy of blogging about. But whatever.

In the event that you care :)  here is another minor update on what we've been doing to get ready for the holidays (and when I say we, I mean me - ha!)

Remember the post earlier this week referencing the red glitter snowflakes that I hung on the pussy willows?  Well today, I added a little something else to that console table.  A decorative bowl with scented pine cones and a few ornaments placed throughout (smells so good!):

Simple holiday bowl set up

Here is a picture of both newly holiday-ized projects together on the console - simple and easy just like I like it.

Next up I decorated our plain pre-lit wreath with colored ornaments for our front door.  I've had this wreath for about 5 years.  I purchased it at Macy's during on of their after Christmas sales years ago for $10, normally $60!  A girlfriend and I grabbed the last 2 and it has held up beautifully for the past 5 years.  Anyway, here it is:

Approaching the front door.....

Opening the front door....
In the background is the buffet that I just set up for Christmas - loving it!

Check back for more touches....the tree still needs to go up!

Wednesday, November 28

Christmas touches 'round here

It's not December yet, but we are getting ready for the holidays 'round here!  I love decorating for the holidays and it's so much more fun now that my 4 year old can participate and get into the holiday spirit and really understand what's going on. We play Christmas music and drink wine (me) and hot cocoa.  It's all about creating memories & tradition for the kiddos!

The tree is going up this weekend and we will also be decorating our front porch!  So far though, I managed to decorate the buffet table in the dining room. 

Here is what I did:

  • Added red ornaments to a large hurricane vase
  • Hung ornaments from the candle holders (that were already there)
  • Placed the lantern that used to be in the living room on the buffet and draped red holiday beaded garland around to make it more festive
Simple and un-cluttered.  There is nothing worse than a cluttered holiday set up.

Here is what the buffet looks like normally (non-holiday)

In the pic above do you can see our console table with the vase and pussy willows?  To dress that up a bit, I added red glittery snowflake ornaments to a couple branches.  At night when the lamp is on, the snowflakes glisten, its pretty subtle but I'm happy with it.

So that's what we've done so far.  Be sure to come back for more holiday themed pics and posts.

Thursday, September 27

Do you like your Capiz in the bedroom or the bathroom?

My capiz pendant chandelier has a new home!  A couple years ago when I was living in CT I purchased a capiz pendant chandelier from World Market for my master bedroom (pics here).  It really glammed up the space and I absolutely loved it.

When I moved to GA, I left the capiz chandelier back in CT for my rental tenants to enjoy :(  They took good care of it and I made it clear that it was not to be damaged.   They moved out recently and I sent my step dad over to uninstall the light and ship it to me ASAP before my new tenants moved in.  It arrived about a week ago and Mr. Show Off put it up this past weekend in our master bathroom and it looks even better than I remembered.

Here are a few shots of then and now:

Here's my capiz chandelier back in my bedroom in Connecticut....

Here it is now in our master bathroom!  I love it in here.  When you walk in your eye is drawn up to it and it makes a nice impact.  BAM!

Close up and with the light on.  It looks so pretty at night & looking at it while soaking in the tub isn't too bad either :)

and here is a shot of the master bathroom when we first moved in, minus the light and minus my favorite rug runner.  A boring hot mess!

So there it is.  Do you like it better in the bedroom or the bathroom?  I am thinking about painting the bathroom a spa grayish blue.  We will see....

Tuesday, August 28

{My birthday gift!} Michael Kors "Blair" Rose Gold watch :)

My birthday was this past Sunday, August 26th, and the celebrating started early the previous weekend with a surprise birthday dinner for 18 at a fun restaurant in downtown Atlanta (Thank you Mr. Show Off!)

We had dinner and drinks while listening to live music.  I picked up a few gift cards from friends that night :)

Then in his tradition with birthdays I received a little gift from Mr. Show off every day the week of my birthday up through to my actual birthday.   Monday were flowers, Tuesday was a gift card for a mani/pedi, Wednesday was a sweet card, Thursday my favorite bottle of wine, Friday was quiet time from the 4 yr old lol, where I enjoyed a nice long bubble bath...and the big surprise was my Michael Kors watch - I love it!  I had been eyeing a big men's style watch for a few months now. 

At first I thought I wanted a gold watch, but then I started seeing rose gold everywhere and I fell in love with rose gold.  I think it looks nicer wih my skin tone. 

So we headed to Macy's so that I could pick out my watch.  I tried on a couple different styles and decided on this one - its a larger men's style watch, the face is much bigger than any other watch I own and its heavy, I like that.  The official name is Michael Kors 'Blair' Chronograph Watch. 

And in case you are wondering how much it costs, its $250 - it was a little big for my wrist so they removed 1 link for me.  Now it has a loose fit, but not too loose.  Meaning, if I have it at the base of my wrist it will twist around but when I push it up to wear with bracelets, its doesnt twist around.

MK Website picture
 It was a good birthday.  And now that my birthday is over we can get back to getting ready for our west coast vacation to Los Angeles and Las Vegas next month!! 

Thursday, August 16

A little chevron statement piece :)

So I've posted quite a few times about the design dilemma's I've had with our living room.  It's the center of the house and I want it to feel designed but cozy.  I think I've got the designed part down but cozy it was not.  I love having hardwood floors, but hardwood floors in this room with high ceilings did not feel cozy and warm.

Then, about a week and a half ago, I get my daily email from Groupon....I love Groupon!! If you dont already subscribe to their deals you really should! We get movie ticket groupons and restaurant groupons all the time.  They have daily deals on so many things local and everywhere else....anyway I digress...So I get my Groupon email for a week and a half ago and there is a groupon offer for $55 for $120 towards rugs, lighting or furniture! Good deal right?  I thought so too, so I immediately purchased the Groupon knowing that would have a rug I would be happy with.  I was already familiar with theit site and know that their options are endless! My mission was to find a large enough rug for the room and it had to be bold, modern, fun pattern and comfy....a statement piece.

And here it is!

It measures  8 x 11.  I love bold patterns so this rug is perfect.  I didn't want anything plain or beige or tan.  

This rug comes in 4 colors, black and ivory, navy and ivory, burgundy and ivory and light blue and ivory (mine)

I was a little worried how it would look once it arrived being that I already have a pattern that I stenciled behind the built in's, but as you can see it works so good -  no complaints.  I love, love, love this rug - it makes me smile.  It feels much cozier and finished in our living room and the rug is so soft under my feet.

If your interested here is the link to this same exact rug.

For other posts related to the living room design drama click here, here, here and here.

Monday, July 30

DIY Cornice Boards

Like a lot of my projects, I found my inspiration from photos like these on

Wrap around cornice with nailheads
Cornice with button tufting
I love the simple look of cornices, specifically in the kitchen.  They can be designed to fit any design style depending on the fabric and embellishments you use.  For me, I wanted something with clean lines that would add a bit of color in the kitchen.  I hate ruffled valances and other cheesy "kitchen" curtains.  So with a sheet of plywood (cut to my measurements), a few screws, staple gun, batting and fabric I made my own cornice boards one a Saturday.  Here they are:

So now the pop of blue from the cornices in the kitchen, nicely tie in with the blue stenciled bookcases (DIY steps to that project here).

I will post the DIY steps in another post.  I first need to gather all the photos from the actual project and put it all together :)

Thursday, July 26

Master Bedroom {Sitting Area} Inspiration and Reality

The latest area of focus in the house has got to be our master bedroom.  The decor in there hasnt been touched.  It's simply a bed, dressers and a TV and a large empty space that will be a sitting area.

I've been casually looking around everywhere for inspiration and have a few ideas for the space.  

For the inspiration we have: (real life pics follow below)....

The chair, pillows, side table, mirror - it all works perfectly!
Loving the chevron striped curtains and orange striped wall -- I think I may do a focal chevron wall in our bedroom

Pops of yellow and simple neutral tones -LOVE this!

and here is the reality...

Plain wall, empty space...beige and white. BLAH!

Here is the view from other side of the room looking into the master bathroom -- more beige!

View from doorway -

So yep, lot's to do in here.  I'm still debating what to do on the walls.  I have a few ideas but I am being lazy about them for now as they all involve a lot of patience.  But what project doesnt?

Anyway, the chairs for the sitting area have been ordered and shipped!  So check back frequently for progress pics.  I may or may not get started on the focal wall this weekend.  We'll see.

Monday, May 7

Painting stripes on a wall {in our basement!}

Its been awhile since I did anything in the basement (basement pics here). When we moved in we pretty much focused on the larger room in the basement (opposite side of the wall here) which is where we watch movies.  To that room I added subway art that I did as a DIY project, a pub table and chairs and called it done.

However, this past weekend we decided to have a Cinco De Mayo / Fight Party at the house and that was my excuse to do something to the smaller sitting room side of the basement.

So the room went from this, a long narrow space  (behind me are 2 windows and my daughters play space)

To this (wall taped off for stripe painting):

To this (alternating striped filled in with a warm light brown paint):

To done!

The exposed sockets annoy me but we didn't want to hang the TV much higher to hide them so we will deal with it.  I love the transformation that this one focal wall made.  All in all it took about 3 hours.  I taped off the wall the night before and then painted the following day.  I think it went faster than the time when I painted striped on the small half bath back in CT (pics here)

Still to get for this room are throw pillows, wall art, large wicker basket and a side table for the lamp...

Here is a closer view of my painted stripes.

I think I may want to add a plant down here too, to liven up the space.  We will see.

Tuesday, April 17

Decorative pillows and other small changes!

It has been a pretty dreary rainy week here in Atlanta and the upstairs living room has been looking really blah as well.   Although I stenciled the built in's, the space still needed more color, maybe a big area rug (Sisal or Jute)? and an ottoman?

So this week Mr. Show Off and I went out to find an ottoman for the void of space in the center of the room.  I really wanted something cream and round (to break up the squareness of the sectional).  However,  we ended up finding a large square ottoman at the outlet store of the furniture store where we brought our sectional.  Although it was not the cream or round I wanted I figured at a price of $99 (it is $299 in the store when we brought our sectional) I would work with it.  The reason it was marked down $200?  One of the wooden feet is chipped and loose - we already fixed the loose leg with a $2 extra long screw and the chip will get spray painted -- love the deal we got on that!!

Here it is before the pillows & ottoman

Here is the space now after adding the ottoman and a few pillows that I picked up from Home Goods.  

And yes, this is a sectional, however, I decided (for the time being) that I like the sectional pulled apart for more of a couch and love seat/chaise feel.  I will probably push it back together at some point but for now I am liking it like this...

Ignore the kitchen in the background, I pulled down the curtains to wash and forgot to move them for the picture

So still on the to do list is finding a rug - I am pretty set on a something casual, Sisal or Jute.  Any suggestions or recs on where to find one, please let me know...
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