Thursday, January 26

Stenciling! {The built-in's}

I have really fallen in love with the look of geometric & Moraccan stencils!  I think its a fun way to give any room or wall a little personality - you can stencil on floors, furniture, fabric, lampshades, curtains anything really :) It's a nice alternative to wallpaper and if you like DIY its an easy DIY project to get into....tedious? a little, but not all that hard...IMO. 

About 2 weekends ago, I was looking through and found this inspiration picture


and I loved it immediatley and thought "I shoud stencil MY built-ins!"......... I really love the geometric pattern in these bookcases and also loved that the color scheme is similar to my color scheme - grays...I love grays of all shades.  Anyway, I had to find out where to get my hands on a good quality stencil.

I decided on Cutting Edge Stencils and picked this geometric stencil pattern.  It arrived about 8 days later and I got to work.  I decided to leave my background paint color cream since the majority of my stenciling would be filled in with gray.  I like the contrast of the white and gray - I think it pops more.

Here are the built ins before I started.

Without the shelves

When stenciling, it is recommended that you purchase a stencil roller - the foam on the stencil rollers are different than regular paint rollers as they are a bit more dense.  I picked mine up from Michael's Arts and Crafts.

and I went with Sherwin Williams paint in "Summit Gray"

and then I did a practice run to get comfortable with the stenciling process.

After getting the hang of it I went ahead and started on the wall.  Here is what the stencil looks like after a first coat - you want to do several coats, using little paint as to not have dripping or seepage behind the stencil cut out.  The stencil itself is pretty big as you can see.

Almost done....

Here is a closer look and with the shelves back in place.  Up close there are some minor imperfections but its not that noticeable....can you see anything?

Looking at it from a distance...

and here is built-in #1 all finished and decorated.

Once more side by side:


and here is the completed project!

This was an early morning shot - please excuse all the sun shadows.

You may notice that around the edges there is some white space.  I may go back in and use the single stencil that came with the large stencil to fill that space in, not sure yet.  I also have to find something for the top shelf for the bookcase on the right, something substantial to match the size of the seahorse on the left.  We have since replaced this TV with a bigger one, and moved this one downstairs since it looked so small in this room.

So what do you think?  Does it look just as good as my inspiration pic?  Feedback is always welcome!


  1. Yes it looks as good! It looks better actually! I like the your pattern better. Good job, it's beautiful :)


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