Thursday, January 5

The room with 15 windows!

The upstairs living room is next on the list of rooms to finish.  You can see into the room from the front entrance & garage entrance. You can also see up to the 2nd floor walkway.  The living room is right through the foyer in the back of the house....

This is a pic from the first week moved in, the foyer now has pics and a console table and plant!

The back of the living room is a wall of windows. Literally, from floor to ceiling there are 15 windows in this room, this picture only shows 12, my camera cut off the other 3.  Nice, but when watching TV on a sunny day, it can be a pain.  The room gets such nice light and since its the back of the house its private so thankfully no one can see in with all these windows.   You can also see down into the living room from the 2nd floor walkway, which is where is took this picture.

Horrible right!

And here is the living room is its current state. We still need to decorate and accessorize the built in's, order the new dark gray living room set, hang pictures on the dark gray wall you see to the right and find a huge area rug, oh and get a bigger TV to mount over the FP.  So stay tuned, we already picked out the couch, should be here in a couple weeks!

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