Monday, March 5

Living room updates {The room wth 15 windows!}

During the holidays last year I wrote a post about the upstairs living room ( and my desire to get going on decorating in there.

This room was overwhelming to me....Probably because of its size.  It looks and feels huge because of the 20 foot ceilings and 15 windows along the back wall.   The room is visible from the front door entrance, deck entrance, garage door entrance and when you look over the catwalk from the 2nd floor.  In other words its always in view of someone.

First thing I decided was not paint the 20 foot walls (uh no thanks!) instead I added some color to the room by adding stencil to the back of the built in's...

Then we decided on a sectional....a large sectional.  (The Metropolis - Cindy Crawford Collection in Slate Gray)  I love this sectional!  If you are looking for a sectional with a tailored look, nice lines, bold color choices, tufting accents and comfy - this is the sectional to get!  Its pretty big though so make sure you have the space to avoid it looking crowded in your room.

I realize I didn't take any front facing shots of the sectional before I separated it - sorry!

Here is one side of the sectional (after we separated it) - decorated with throw pillows from Home Goods

Here is the other half -- excuse the sloppy-ness of the cushions and kitchen in the background

The thing that I love about this sectional is that it looks great together in true sectional form or separated in sofa / love-seat / chaise setup.

Then I added this heavy metal mirror to wall opposite the windows...the reflection from the wall of windows is so nice during the day...

I plan to put a wood bench below the mirror, which I will dress up with some fun bold color pillows.

and I added a nice palm plant and coordinating woven basket (both from IKEA)

Below are just a few more shots of the room.  I think I mentioned this before but this room gets a lot of sunlight!  

Still to do are purchase an area rug, larger TV, bench for underneath the mirror, round ottoman and then I think we will be done....

Do you like?


  1. Hello! Your home is really coming together nicely. I LOVE the stencil in the built ins!! One thing though: your pictures are really dark, and it makes it hard to see your great house. There is a blog that has tips on blog pictures. Great job!

    1. Thank you Natasha! I appreciate your feedback. Many of the pics I post are taken from my cell phone (bad I know). I will try to start using the Nikon and will check out love her blog...didn't know she had photo help...thanks again!

  2. I came across your blog looking to buy the same sectional and I was wondering if you are still happy with your purchase?

    1. Yes, I am still very happy with the sectional. Its still plush and sturdy; cushions are high quality. It's very easy to spot clean with a cloth and soap and water, so I wouldn't pay the extra for the store's application of furniture dirt and dust repellent. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi! I came across this looking at your sofa as well. Is this the slate color? Do you still like it? Thank you.


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