Monday, May 7

Painting stripes on a wall {in our basement!}

Its been awhile since I did anything in the basement (basement pics here). When we moved in we pretty much focused on the larger room in the basement (opposite side of the wall here) which is where we watch movies.  To that room I added subway art that I did as a DIY project, a pub table and chairs and called it done.

However, this past weekend we decided to have a Cinco De Mayo / Fight Party at the house and that was my excuse to do something to the smaller sitting room side of the basement.

So the room went from this, a long narrow space  (behind me are 2 windows and my daughters play space)

To this (wall taped off for stripe painting):

To this (alternating striped filled in with a warm light brown paint):

To done!

The exposed sockets annoy me but we didn't want to hang the TV much higher to hide them so we will deal with it.  I love the transformation that this one focal wall made.  All in all it took about 3 hours.  I taped off the wall the night before and then painted the following day.  I think it went faster than the time when I painted striped on the small half bath back in CT (pics here)

Still to get for this room are throw pillows, wall art, large wicker basket and a side table for the lamp...

Here is a closer view of my painted stripes.

I think I may want to add a plant down here too, to liven up the space.  We will see.

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