Thursday, July 26

Master Bedroom {Sitting Area} Inspiration and Reality

The latest area of focus in the house has got to be our master bedroom.  The decor in there hasnt been touched.  It's simply a bed, dressers and a TV and a large empty space that will be a sitting area.

I've been casually looking around everywhere for inspiration and have a few ideas for the space.  

For the inspiration we have: (real life pics follow below)....

The chair, pillows, side table, mirror - it all works perfectly!
Loving the chevron striped curtains and orange striped wall -- I think I may do a focal chevron wall in our bedroom

Pops of yellow and simple neutral tones -LOVE this!

and here is the reality...

Plain wall, empty space...beige and white. BLAH!

Here is the view from other side of the room looking into the master bathroom -- more beige!

View from doorway -

So yep, lot's to do in here.  I'm still debating what to do on the walls.  I have a few ideas but I am being lazy about them for now as they all involve a lot of patience.  But what project doesnt?

Anyway, the chairs for the sitting area have been ordered and shipped!  So check back frequently for progress pics.  I may or may not get started on the focal wall this weekend.  We'll see.

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