Thursday, August 16

A little chevron statement piece :)

So I've posted quite a few times about the design dilemma's I've had with our living room.  It's the center of the house and I want it to feel designed but cozy.  I think I've got the designed part down but cozy it was not.  I love having hardwood floors, but hardwood floors in this room with high ceilings did not feel cozy and warm.

Then, about a week and a half ago, I get my daily email from Groupon....I love Groupon!! If you dont already subscribe to their deals you really should! We get movie ticket groupons and restaurant groupons all the time.  They have daily deals on so many things local and everywhere else....anyway I digress...So I get my Groupon email for a week and a half ago and there is a groupon offer for $55 for $120 towards rugs, lighting or furniture! Good deal right?  I thought so too, so I immediately purchased the Groupon knowing that would have a rug I would be happy with.  I was already familiar with theit site and know that their options are endless! My mission was to find a large enough rug for the room and it had to be bold, modern, fun pattern and comfy....a statement piece.

And here it is!

It measures  8 x 11.  I love bold patterns so this rug is perfect.  I didn't want anything plain or beige or tan.  

This rug comes in 4 colors, black and ivory, navy and ivory, burgundy and ivory and light blue and ivory (mine)

I was a little worried how it would look once it arrived being that I already have a pattern that I stenciled behind the built in's, but as you can see it works so good -  no complaints.  I love, love, love this rug - it makes me smile.  It feels much cozier and finished in our living room and the rug is so soft under my feet.

If your interested here is the link to this same exact rug.

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