Monday, April 24

We've moved! {House Building Chronicles}

Ooops.  It's been some time now since I've blogged!  I am not sure why I stopped; probably lack of motivation & the fact that life got busy.  Moving is not easy.  Packing /unpacking, changing schools, purging, organizing and the actual building process take up a lot of time when you also have a regular 9 to 5 and a family to tend to.

Soooo, now that things have started to feel normal again, this feels like a good time to get back into blogging.  If you are still with me, stick around as I will be posting pictures along the way of how we got to where we are today.

The Lot: (taken January 2016) right after we signed our contract.

There was a lot of work in between these photos but basically, there was excavation, ground was broken and the digging process began.  Since we have a basement, the builders had to dig a giant hole in order to create the basement and start the foundation -- as shown below.

This is the future basement :)  It will be a daylight basement with windows and full size access doors to the yard once completed.  My husband has big plans for this area!  Above the basement we will go up 2 floors, for a total of 3 levels.

Once the foundation was set, things seemed to move quickly to framing....I will post more about that along with more pictures in my next post....
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