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Quick post about doors: When we started the building process we knew that eventually we would change out our front door for french doors.  To me, the front of your home depicts the character of the house.  Curb appeal is important, and for me having a tall and wide entry is a must.  I think its brings so much character and stately-ness (is that a word) to your home.

We live in the south and the traditional style of older homes here (which I love) come with beautiful, wood double doors.  In newer communities, such as the one we live in, double doors are not always a builder option.  Most builders will give you a solid wood single door with sidelights, and that is fine; but for me, I had to have double doors. We lived with our single door for about 7 months until we decided to make the switch.  Take a look at the transformation!  I am 100% pleased!

Here is what the exterior looked like before the change....pretty basic; nice enough.

My husband had the vision before I did, I will admit.  I didn't think we had enough space to add double doors without tearing out brick, which I didn't want to do.  However, if you have sidelights and a transom you have to take into account that space as well.  When you hire a contractor or DIY you will be amazed at how big the space actually is!

As you can tell from this picture during the process, the opening is HUGE!  Of course, before you pull the door out, you will need to measure brick to brick from left to right and top to bottom.  Measure twice!  We ended up going with a custom made double door because our size opening wasn't standard.  We picked a solid Mahogany wood door with window panes.  I went back and forth over the window panes but decided on them as I wanted daylight in this dark hallway.

We thought we were going to stain the doors, but instead chose to paint them to match our shutters.  We chose Iron Ore, (SW 7069) by Sherwin Williams.  It is a deep charcoal grey color, very saturated and beautiful!

Here is the final result and we absolutley love it!  We've had several neighbors stop by & compliment the change.  I cannot stress how much a difference it makes in the home and curb appeal.  The resin planters on either side of the doors just so happened to match the paint color :)  I found them at Home Goods about a year before we changed the doors.  However, if you want to recreate this look I found a dup for the same size and style planters on Amazon - ( Link to order the planters ).  The door handle hardware is oil rubbed bronze and so well made and sturdy.  It also comes from and is extremely well made at half the cost of big box stores.  If you are interested in purchasing the exact door handle, you can order it here .

Side by side comparison of the old and new doors.  Same entry size; new door.

So what do you think?  I would love your feedback and if I inspired you to change out your front door - YAY!

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