Monday, October 22

Girl's Bedroom Makeover {10 year old}

My 10 year old finally asked me to take down her bunk beds πŸ‘πŸ‘

Her bunk beds have not been easy to work with since we put them together almost 3 years ago!  In theory, bunk beds are a great idea for saving space, but in reality, they are really, really annoying when you need to wash/change sheets.

Every so often, I would try to coerce my daughter into taking them down, but she always came back with "Noooooooo I love them!"  I personally was ready to give her room a fresh look and feel about 6 months in.  The bottom bunk ended up being a catch-all for clothes and toys and the room itself was just an eyesore.  While she loved her bunk beds, something about her room didn't feel cozy, creative and fun, and I am all about making the space you live in feel special and cozy; a place you want to relax & be creative in.

So this was the state the room was in - most of the time.  It is just blah and that bottom bunk felt like a catch-all.

So, about 2 weekends ago she finally said she was ready for a change! (Yes!)

Her bunkbeds, like most, convert into twin beds once you remove the full bed size extender. I didn't have a twin mattress and since I needed one fast, I checked  Pretty quickly I found one and placed an order for this mattress .  It arrived,  just 2 days later via Amazon Prime.

In the meantime, my husband and I got to work on taking apart the bunk beds and placing the new twin beds in the arrangement that we wanted.

Then my 10 year old and I went shopping.  She was very vocal about what she wanted, teal and light pink, but not too much pink, "not babyish" she stressed.   I suggested we add some gold to the walls to give the room a nice pop.  She loved the idea and a few shopping trips later we were ready to decorate and set up.

Here is what we came up with:

A new refreshed young girl's room complete with gold polka dots!!

We both really love it and she actually enjoys spending time here creating crafts and hanging out with friends.

The opposite side of the room (not pictured) has her desk/homework/craft station and dresser.  I will dedicate another post on her work/craft area set up.

Here are the details on how we pilled this all together:

*New sheets and comforters by Gilded Rose {purchased at T.J. Maxx}
Olive Leaf and Crespedia wreaths {purchased @ Target }
* Gold removable peel and stick polka dots {purchased on - exact ones found here}

I could not locate a direct link for the following items, but I did list the store names in case you are interested in locating on your own.

"Let's Be Mermaids" wood wall plaque {purchased @ HomeGoods}
"In a Field of Roses She is a Wildflower" {purchased at Ross}
Toss pillows {purchased at Marshalls}

So what do you think?  I would love your feedback on the bedroom refresh πŸ’•

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