Thursday, January 10

Cozy Corner ☕️

After posting pictures of my home office earlier this week and then looking back at the photos of the room itself; I had the sudden urge to rearrange the furniture.  Not that there was anything wrong with the set up before, I just felt like the room needed a small change; a little tweaking.....and this urge, for me, is normal; it happens a lot.  Rearranging furniture gives me the feeling of a new space, new creativity and new energy; all with the same furniture and for zero dollars!

What did I do?  Nothing major; but, I love the impact and open-ness the room now has!  I simply moved my desk to face the french doors, so that when sitting I can see straight out towards the foyer.  My back now faces the wall instead of the windows, and I moved the armchair over to the corner ,which now serves as a good spot for visitors to sit and chat or to use primarily as cozy spot to sip tea or coffee and scroll social media 😛.

To help you achieve the same look; I've linked a few key items below 💕

*Floor Lamp
*Side Table
*Armchair with nailhead detail
*affiliate links used

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