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Styling a plain wall with reclaimed wood planks

If you live in a two story house, you probably have this same dilemma waiting for you at the bottom of the stairway landing        :::::a plain wall::::::

If you are like me, you've probably tried to find ways to dress the expansive blank space with something fun and stylish like a gallery wall of family photos, or a tall leaning mirror, maybe even an array of art arranged in a vertical line to camouflage the blank space.  I did all those things too, but, I was never satisfied with the end result; it lacked character and 'ooomph' until one day while strolling through Home Depot I saw a box of reclaimed wood planks (!!!!!).

I knew immediately that these wood planks (made of REAL wood) would be perfect for the stairwell landing going into our finished basement/mancave.   The tall plain boring wall.

So here is what the reclaimed wood looks like.  A mix of wood tones that can be cut to size to fit your space.  They can be added to a wall, a ceiling or wrapped around your kitchen or bar island for a rustic look, maybe.

I really love this look; especially for a small space; it's an easy way to add character and an absolute DIY, with the right tools.

In our case, since we were already in the process of finishing our basement, we asked the carpenter to put the planks up for us.  We used about 6 boxes and had very little scraps left over.  The nice thing about this look is you can use the scraps to fill in the spaces as you move along in the installation process.  It adds more of a rustic, unfinished look; the look we were going for as you head into the man-cave.  Totally masculine, but also neutral enough to go with any type of decor you have going.

Once our carpenter measured and cut, he attached the wood directly to the dry wall with a nail gun.  **Important - you must attach and nail into the wall at the stud.  This makes sure the reclaimed wood you are attaching is secure and won't loosen over time.  From the progress pics below, you will see vertical lines drawn onto the wall.  These are simply the stud markers so that he knew where to nail the wood as he moved along in the process.  From start to finish, it took him about 2 hours.

*Not the best quality in progress photo but I wanted you to see what I mean about marking off the studs.

2 hours later........

Pretty impressive!  I still ended up styling the wall, because as I mentioned before, these are the stairs going into the basement, which is also the man cave, which also has a bar.  To sort of set the mood for guests going into this area I added the words B-A-R to the wall.

The letters are made of galvanized steel and I purchased these at Hobby Lobby.

This wall is definitely a conversation starter; almost everyone who sees it in person feels it -- I guess to see if its real wood - it is!  It a raw unfinished wood, in it's natural state (it isn't rough to the touch where you would get splinters).  We also changed our the flush mount builder grade "boob" light for this oil rubbed bronze chandelier. If you have been following me for awhile, then you know my goal is to change every builder grade light out for a more custom look in our home.

Should you decide to take on a project like this; you won't regret it.  A much better alternative to a picture collage or leaning least in my opinion.

Here are the direct links to the items used in case you decide to DIY :)  Have fun!

* Reclaimed wood planks
Galvanized steel wall letters 
* Chandelier (we have this exact one in oil rubbed bronze, but it is no longer avail in that finish) here is a similar alternative.
* affiliate links used

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