Monday, January 7

My Home Office

Home offices are pretty popular these days.  From being a touch down space to handle home expenses or a homework station for kids, home offices are pretty important.  My home office is used as just that; an office.....and a place to create and blog.

I am lucky enough to work for a company that promotes working remotely and as a result, I work from home every day :)  My office also acts as my creative space after work hours so I wanted to make sure the the room captured the essence of calmness and tranquility while still blending into the aesthetic of the rest of the home.

Like most of the house, when we moved in, all the walls were a very pale gray - Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams.  The main wall was also a massive plain wall, with no window or other architectural detail. 

To add some interest, my husband and I decided to add a very simple, yet, eye - catching detail to the wall.  Board and Batten.  Essentially, this is a box pattern of 1x3 wood planks added to the wall to create dimension and depth.  The wood is cut and attached to the wall in the style you want, wood putty is applied to all nail holes, primer is added and then the wood is painted in a color of your choice.  It is definitely a DIY but we hired a carpenter 😏

We did a similar Board and Batten treatment in our master bedroom that I will post about at a future time.

Here are some shots of the progress.  I realize there are some steps missing from the set of photos and I apologize in advance - this project was done almost 2 years ago!

Here is the office - we had already painted the room a darker gray before we decided to add the B&B.
The 1x3's are in their "raw" state here - no primer yet, but if you look close, you can see the putty in the nail holes.

Here is the B&B primed and ready for a fresh coat of paint!

and here is the room as it looks today!
I love this space...the colors are muted and calming and the B&B really make the space pop.  This is the room to your immediate right when coming in our front door and lots of guests stop to ask about the wall itself.  It really does make an impact.

We also added a new light fixture in here.  I posted all about transforming a room with light fixtures in this previous post and true to my word, every room in our house has an updated light fixture.  This is one is by World Market - found here: Pendant

And the most asked about wall art in my house!  The Cameroon Juju from Ballard Designs.  I love this piece so much.  It adds a lot of texture to an otherwise very structured wall.  It's made of natural materials that feel like dried corn husks? I highly recommend 😊

So what do you think?  Is this a space you could work from?  I definitely feel productive and creative in this space; and your home office should do the same.

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