Friday, January 25

Staying in

I don't know about you, but where I live it has been freezing at night!  So much so that I am not motivated to go anywhere that involves stepping into the cold night air.

If you live in a year - round warm weather state; keep reading....this post works for you too!

I think by now I have shared my love for entertaining guests and hosting and along with that comes an element of decor, which, hello.....I love that too! 

Not many people realize these things kinda go hand in hand.  When you create a beautiful space or tablescape, it makes the entertaining experience that much more enjoyable.  Think about it, when you go to a restaurant, wine bar or lounge, the first thing you are attracted to is usually the mood, the ambiance, the decor....right?  Right.

So remember that when you are entertaining at home.  This is not the time to use paper plates or red Solo cups.  Take a little effort in setting a nice scene at home.  Light candles, pull out real wine glasses, set your appetizers or meal on real plates or a pretty tray.  It makes a huge difference.

If you dont have entertainment pieces, that's ok.  Use what you have now, but the next time you are out shopping, stroll down the aisle of entertainment ware.  Or browse sales online and slowly build a collection.  It is definitely worth having. 

Tonight, I am enjoying a simple snack of wine, crackers, pimento cheese and olives.  Not all that exciting BUT once you set the scene, take a look at the transformation.  I bet you wish you were here 😊


In case you're interested, here are the items pictured:

Muse Wine Glass
Marble Wine Chiller
Square Marble Tray w/ Gold Handles
Round Marble Tray w/ Gold Handles
Marble Coaster w/ Gold Edges
Gold Cheese Knife Set

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