Thursday, February 21

Outdoor Spaces

I know it doesn't seem like it, but spring is right around the corner! 🌞

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons and I like to take full advantage of the outdoors during this time when the weather is the most bearable.  Being able to enjoy time outside the house is something I like to take advantage of when I can.  Eating outside, listening to music, reading a book or just sipping wine is extra relaxing to me when I'm outside.  You don't have to venture out to a restaurant or bar to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere; you can easily create one at home that will have your friends and neighbors wanting to visit and enjoy time at your home more often.

Creating an outdoor space is easy and you don't need a massive area.  You can create a beautiful space with a patio, porch, balcony etc.  A few things I suggest is to bring in bright colors.  You can do this with throw pillows and/or outdoor curtains.  If you have the space an outdoor rug is nice touch to ground the space and tie everything together.  Small or large potted plants and weather resistant lanterns are always a nice touch for evening ambiance.  Next you'll want to add seating; this can be a simple chair or an entire outdoor seating arrangement.  What you decide to do will really depend on the size of your space, your budget and what makes you happy!

Now is a great time to start your search for these items since it is the off-season and you can take advantage of pre-season sales.

Have fun with it and if you are in need of inspiration; here is my outdoor set up from last year 💕

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