Wednesday, January 22

Cozy Corner

Hi friends!

It has been quite a while since I posted a blog here, but I am alive and well!  I admit, I am more active on my Instagram page, which goes by the same name (@decormostly) because people seem to like the simplicity of IG posts. vs. blog posts.   

Today though, I was feeling wordier and wanted to share my latest IG post over on this blog.  So, I'm glad you're here, and if you ended up here from IG, welcome! Feel free to take a look around at my older posts as well.  This blog dates back some years now 🙈  

So today's post.......I was sitting in my office yesterday, most of you know I work from home for a large company doing a regular 9-5 (interior design & decor is my side-passion/hustle/dream job/daydream occupier) and I was feeling stressed and unfocused.   I got up from my desk and made a cup of coffee and came back to my desk to get back to work.   But, this chair and this cozy corner was calling my name!  It's positioned to the right of my desk and faces the front of the house.  The sun was streaming in just right and was warming up my office perfectly (it's been in the low 30s!).   So I took a quick coffee break, right here, in this chair, in the corner with the sun streaming in and it was perfect!  Just what I needed to re-focus and relax. 

I write all this to say that, I think everyone needs a dedicated space just for them in their home.  Whether it be a corner, a bedroom, craft room, porch, whatever, carve out a space just for you.  Make sure your family knows this is your selfish spot and when you are there, it is understood that there are to be no interruptions.  Make it pretty, welcoming and please, use it!   There is no point in living in a beautiful space that you can't use and enjoy and it only there for looks.  So yes, make a space, claim it and use the hell out of it whenever you need a break.  Everyone needs a cozy corner 💗

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