Monday, February 3

Staircase Design Ideas

If you live in two or multiple story home, you've probably wondered at some point, "How am I going to decorate this staircase"?

Your not alone!  I was there a few years ago and it drove me crazy trying to come up with something different and unexpected.   I knew for sure when I was running ideas through my head, that 1). I did not want a gallery wall and 2). I didn't want a painted focal wall.  Not that there is anything wrong with those things, I just knew I wanted something different.

I ultimately decided on two different plans; one for each landing.

A reclaimed wood wall (more on that here) going down to the mancave and an upholstered bench with pillows for the landing that goes up to the bedrooms and bonus room.

I love how you can get a peek of both landings as you walk through the foyer of our home.  They draw you in; you can't help but want to see more, right?

While both are different, they complement each other and give you a hint of the area they lead up to; I love that!

If you're planning to add some decor to your landing, might I suggest these two different options or maybe both 🙌

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